Creating Homes














To carry on the business of immovable property and its consultants and to give on rent, sale and purchase, designing, and construction of residential houses, commercial buildings, flats and factory sheds, buildings in or outside of India, to act as builders, colonizers and civil and constructional contractors. 

To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire sell and mortgage any Estates, lands, agricultural lands, buildings, basements or such other interest in any immovable property and to develop and turn to account by laying out, plotting and preparing the same for building purposes, constructing buildings and multi-storey buildings and altering, pulling down decorating maintaining, furnishing, fitting up and improving buildings and by paying, draining and letting on building on lease.

To buy, exchange or otherwise acquire an interest in any immovable property such as houses, buildings and lands, within or outside the limit of Municipal Corporation or such other local bodies and to provide roads, drains, water supply, electricity and lights within these areas, to divide the same into suitable colonies for workmen according to scheme approved by improvement Trusts, Development boards and Municipal Boards there on and to rent or sell the same to the public and realize cost in lump sum or on instalments or by hire-purchase system or otherwise to start any housing scheme in India or Abroad

To act as an agent for purchasing, selling, and letting on hire, land and houses whether multi-storey, commercial and  residential building on commission basis.

To construct, maintain, erect and lay out roads, sewers, drains, electric cables and gas lines, in over and under the company’s estate or the estate of other company or person or body-corporate.

To Construct, execute, carry out, equip, maintain, improve, develop, civil and constructional works relating roads, electric power, heat and light supply works, hotels, buildings, godowns, pleasure grounds, parks, gardens, docks, jetties embankments, bunds, bridges, wharves, cannels, irrigations, reclamations, improvement sewage, sanitary layouts, buildings and all other such civil and related constructional works and convenience of public utility.



To develop the land for farm houses by providing roads and other facilities such as water supply and sale the same and to erect and construct farm houses, buildings or civil works and construction of every description on any land of the company or upon any other such lands or immovable property and to pull down, rebuild, enlarge, alter, and improve such land on roads, streets, squares, gardens, and such other convenience related there to and deal with and improve the immovable property of all types.

To carry on the business as builders, consultants, civil engineers, architects, surveyors, designers, consultants, civil engineers, architects, surveyors, designers, town planners, estimators, valuers, interior and exterior decorators, general and government civil contractors of immovable properties, all type of structural and piling engineering work, interior designing and graph